The testimony of an inmate about Dani Alves’ four months in prison: “He is emaciated”

Dani Alves On May 20, he will serve four months in the Brians II prison accused of raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. More than 100 days have passed, which are beginning to have an obvious impact on his physical appearance.

At least that’s how one of his fellow prisoners has narrated it to Fiesta: “He is thinner and more emaciated. He does not go out, he only goes out to the sports center when he plays against another module. If not, he stays there and goes to the day room, which is on TV,” he explains.

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In addition to trying to deal with his situation, the Brazilian soccer player has to endure insults from some of the inmates: “There are rude people and in the dining room they sometimes yell at him. ‘You fagot! Rapist!'” says the fellow prisoner. Alves in the program that presents Emma Garcia.

Out of prison, the former Barça player has the support of his family and his still wife, Joana Sanzwho has defended his case in the last hours: “Where is the presumption of innocence? Until now, the only trial that has taken place is the parallel trial that they have carried out. I will not be one more to condemn it. Let’s stop contaminating such a delicate case with public opinion,” he wrote in his stories from Instagram.

How is your situation?

After requesting a new voluntary statement in court, which took place on April 17, and finally admitting that there was indeed penetrative sex at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​the judge in the case has dismissed the request for provisional release by Dani Alves.

The Brazilian and his defense, led by the lawyer Christopher Martellthey have burned the penultimate cartridge to get out of prison before the arrival of the trial, which is scheduled for this summer.