The terrifying story of Mónica Pont about the robbery she suffered in Mexico: “They pointed a gun at my son in the abdomen”

Two similar events have occurred in just two weeks. After the attack on the house of Miguel Bose in Mexico, Monica Bridge (52) it became news this wednesday after suffering a horrifying robbery with his son at the entrance of your home in the same country.

The actress and her eldest son, Javier Sagrera, 19 years old, were returning from a vacation in Tulum. “We made the mistake of not taking off our watches and putting them away, at the airport itself there are scouts that watch you and know if what you have on you is good or not and also if you have exchanged money,” he explained in The last night.

At the moment in which Mónica and her son got out of the taxi that took them home from the airport, the nightmare began: “We had just taken the suitcases from the car and were entering the gate of the urbanization when a man dressed in black with the uncovered face pointed the gun at my son in the abdomen. He told us that either we gave him the watches or he killed us right there.”

So, “Manuel, our goalkeeper, in an act of heroism confronted him and was shot twice, at that moment I realized that he was serious, until that moment everything seemed like a movie, as if it were not real. Those people without values ​​​​are not afraid and do not care about ending the lives of several people.”

The also model decided to give the watches to the robber, a pair of Rolexes valued at 30,000 and 18,000 euros, and help her doorman. “I am in contact with Manuel’s family and he has already come out of a coma, they have had to operate on him three times,” she said, saddened by the consequences suffered by the goalkeeper.