The tender moment in which the daughter of Pablo Iglesias interrupts him live: “Dad, give me a kiss!”

“One can be trying to make a supposedly thoughtful speech about privatizations and, suddenly, life bursts forth in the most beautiful way,” he wrote. Pablo Iglesias on his social networks along with the video of the tender moment he has starred in with his daughter the fatherthree years old, in the middle of a live chat on RAC1.

And it is that the young daughter of the former leader of Podemos and Irene Montero He snuck into the broadcast saying, “Hi, Dad.” The other gatherings couldn’t help but laugh at the sudden appearance of the girl.

”Excuse me, my love, I’m on the radio,” he replied, even though the girl insisted on staying with her father. ”Aitana, dad is explaining something on the radio… Give me a second to take her to grandma”, commented the former vice president of the government.

His colleagues have asked him if he had prepared that moment. “No, no, really not, they’re all assaulting me now,” Pablo confessed between laughs while Aitana was heard again: “Dad, give me a kiss.” ”I give you a kiss, my love,” Iglesias told her.

The Iglesias Montero family

Pablo and Irene began their romantic relationship in 2015 and together they have faced some difficulties, not only on a professional level (his resignation from all his posts) but also on a personal level, such as the death of the minister’s father or the premature birth of their two Twins, Leo y Manuel, who are already four years old. A year later Aitana arrived.