The television end of Bertín Osborne? The singer announces his possible retirement in the middle of the concert

Bertin Osborne This Sunday in Alicante he offered the concert that he had to postpone on two occasions for health reasons. The singer was infected with Covid-19 and took longer than expected to recover, but now he celebrates being back at the forefront with his tour. Of course, right now his efforts are focused solely on music. He even considers leaving television. The scandals that he drags with Gabriela Guillén After the birth of his son they have had enough of him. Since the start of the year they have been a topic of conversation on the sets.

The ranchera musician announced on stage that in April he will rehearse again and that he will also return with songs from the new album. “I will enjoy it again, because I like this much more than television”advanced, taking those present by surprise with an unexpected confession.

The singer said that he has “less and less” left and that, although he will continue making music because it is what he really likes, he has in mind to leave television. “I might get out of the way because I'm sick to death”he expressed, unleashing laughter from the audience.

This news comes after turning 69 last December. It is unknown if the singer was talking about retirement. Nevertheless, He made his preferences clear in a bittersweet personal moment.

In the eye of the hurricane

Last Friday, Gabriela Guillén gave a new interview on Telecinco, where she spoke about her past relationship with the musician and the reasons why they remain estranged. Her baby – the model's first and the artist's seventh – was born on December 31, when Bertín made it clear that he had “decided” not to act as a father.

The physiotherapist has already filed a paternity lawsuit against the singer, whom he cannot “hate” because he has given him the “love of his life”. He made “two payments” to help her “with the pregnancy” – although from Así es la vida they maintain that she made 11 transfers totaling 11,600 euros.

His last controversy with Gabriela

Gabriela's entourage also pointed out the singer as the possible person responsible for the theft of the baby stroller that the Paraguayan suffered last week. “It was very strange. I think it was bad luck,” declared the model in Friday!

At first, the mother downplayed the incident, but then changed her mind in recent days. The robbery did not seem so casual and innocent, since the thieves broke the window of her car to extract her baby's stroller. ““It's very strange, something macabre.”, he commented. A few days ago, Bertín published a video on his social networks attacking those who held him responsible for this situation. “Change camels,” he said sarcastically.