Players from the lower albiazul categories continue training with the first team. The right-winger Paulino de la Fuente already knows the dynamics of the preseason in Alavés.

Now, he joins the group that works under the orders of Asier Garitano. “The sensations are very good and everyone works very well. The team is very, very ready to start, ”he said, satisfied to train all in the same group again.

“We all wanted to work together again, because what you want is to chat and be able to see everyone,” he said. Today, the squad exercised together for the first time two and a half months after the suspension of training..

Joselu and Lucas always try to help me and give me good advice

Paulino highlights “the good relationship” he maintains with Lucas and Joselu. “They always try to help me and give me good advice. Everything that can be learned from players in their category is little, “he said. He sees “always close” the possibility of debuting in an official match with the first team and he fights to, if the opportunity arises, “take advantage of it well”.

He has more experience than his colleagues in the subsidiary. “I try to pass on to them what they were saying to me when I started,” he said, praising the treatment received by the “spectacular” blue-and-white technical and medical staff.