The TAS surrounds the view of Manchester City with secrecy

As reported by the AP agency, the case of the hearing that will be held next Monday on Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) on the appeal presented by the Manchester City against two year sanction exclusion from Eurotournaments imposed by UEFA is surrounded by unusual secrecy. The TAS already reported on Friday that both UEFA and City asked for confidentiality regarding the case. The views will take place from Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 June.

The identity of the three TAS judges has also been protected amid an intense legal battle. If the City resource does not prosper, the club will lose hundreds of millions of euros for not participating in the next two editions of the Champions League. The City aspires to win the present, in the first leg of which eighth beat Real Madrid 1-2.

The City is prepared to try to demonstrate to the TAS its innocence and avoid cas
you imposed on him by UEFA for two years without playing in Europe and a fine of 30 million euros for having allegedly skipped the economic regulations. The resolution, however, suggests that it will take time to arrive. Some sources even suspect that the failure may be delayed until August.