The Swiss League, suspended at least until March 23

The leaders of the twenty clubs of the Swiss Football League, meeting this Monday in Bern, They have decided to postpone the dispute of the parties in the highest category and in the second division at least until March 23 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

After the postponement of the twenty-fourth day, it was also agreed to do the same with the meetings of the next three after the Federal Council (Government) announced the prohibition of any public event with over a thousand attendees to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Federal Council declared last Friday that the country was in a “special situation” in view of the cases of COVID-19 now and outbreaks of the next epidemic, such as that found in northern Italy, so he took that measure at least until March 15.

If the authorities do not extend the ban beyond that date, both leagues will resume immediately and will be played normally.

The clubs discussed the option of organizing games behind closed doors, but this possibility was ruled out for economic reasons.

This group said that it continues to monitor the situation carefully and in collaboration with teams, partners and authorities and that if the Federal Council extends the ban on events or there are other broader conditions there will be a new meeting in this regard.