The surrender of Bartomeu

The resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board last night is the big news on the front page of the Catalan sports press and it also occupies its space in the entire generalist press. After a few months in which the situation did not seem to have another way out, the Blaugrana president's decision is judged in the press in terms of surrender and the final confrontation with the Generalitat de Catalunya stands out, which has been the fuse that has unleashed his goodbye definitive.

Mundo Deportivo headlines “Resign” and highlights the harsh words of the already former Barcelona president to the Generalitat in which he accused the Catalan executive of “irresponsible”. In his article, the newspaper's director, Santi Nolla, defends Bartomeu, accusing the Generalitat of making “an unheard-of decision” by forcing Barça elections on the one hand and promoting the state of alarm and the curfew on the other.

Sport headlines “Bartomeu throws in the towel” and in his article, Lluís Mascaró affirms that Bartomeu had to leave, but not for political interests. L’Esportiu has the title “He surrenders”, the same headline on the inside pages of El Periódico, which also coincides with Sport on the front page by writing “Throw in the towel”.

More aseptic is the headline of La Vanguardia, who says that “Bartomeu resigns to avoid censorship and leaves Barça in the hands of a manager.” In his internal analysis article, the sports chief of the daily Joan Josep Pallàs affirms that “six years in office are too long.”