The surprising new Froilán from Abu Dhabi in a “quiet” version: paddle tennis, paella and croquettes

the son of the infanta elena doing kite surfing, paddle tennis… It’s the new froilan from Abu Dhabi. The brother of Victoria Federica He belongs to a select sports club in the Emirates and there he trains to get in shape. A sportier life than the one he led in Madrid, with more tendency to parties and the night. “It’s quiet here. He doesn’t get out much. This is a quiet city.” It is told by an exclusive circle of friends of Froilán in the program Focus of four.

In the words of his grandfather Juan Carlos I, Froilán “is fantastic”. He actually said it twice: “Fantastic, fantastic.” And he added: “He is working and he is very happy.” The emeritus spoke in the aforementioned Cuatro program, which also collected the testimony of several friends of Froilán so that they could tell how life is being for him in the Emirates in these first hundred days installed there. “He told me that he had a very bad time in Spain because he says that the television cameras were everywhere and he was a bit tired,” says a friend. “Here he came a little for that, but more for the other. Forced,” reveals his environment, explaining the reasons for the move from Froilán. Forced to leave the media focus in which he was installed and in search of greater discretion.

On this roadmap was to find him a job. And file for the fourth oil company in the world, the state company of the Emirates ADNOC. Salary, they say 7,000 euros per month.

Paella and croquettes

The grandfather-grandson relationship is unbeatable, as it always has been. The adoration is mutual. They come to eat. Froilán really likes a Spanish food restaurant, with paellas and croquettes. As one of his friends comments to the program, the young man calls him “grandfather”. He goes to his house a lot. He tells her that they have dinner, talk, see each other “every day”… Froilán also says: “I am lucky to live here and enjoy his last days with my grandfather.”