The Super Puma of the Army that will transfer Leonor on her permits: Zaragoza-Madrid in one hour

It belongs to the Army and is at the disposal of the Royal Family. The one known as Super Puma will be the air taxi to transfer the lady-cadet Leonor de Borbón when she travels to Madrid from Zaragoza, as published The National. Cadets in the first year and, with few exceptions, have free Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but do not have an overnight pass. Therefore, and with the exception of institutional or other commitments, Leonor will not leave Zaragoza on weekends.

In the event that he has to travel to Zarzuela, he will make use of this military aircraft, whose objective is to carry out transport, search and rescue missions. According to Infobae, there are twelve helicopters of this type, which were acquired in 1982 from Airbus. Upon arrival in Madrid, a journey that can be completed from Zaragoza in an hour, the helicopter lands at the Cuatro Vientos base in the capital. It is a medium-sized twin-engine aircraft.

Just a few days ago, on Sunday the 20th, the Princess of Asturias enjoyed her first outing through the Aragonese capital since entering the General Military Academy on Thursday the 17th. The heiress, with her fellow cadets, enjoyed an afternoon of tapas and pizzas in the El Tuno bar, in the area frequented by university students.