“The staff charges fairly in relation to their effort”

There were many aspects to deal with after several months without press conferences and Aitor Elizegi He attended for 70 minutes, electronically, all the questions for which he was requested. The biggest unknowns, in football and in society in general, hang over the economy. The Athletic He also observes the panorama with concern. Some coffers that can be relieved if the lions reach seventh place in the remaining eleven days. “We have inherited a budget policy that forces us to make efforts if we are not in European competition,” he said. Elizegi.

They are games that “cost to sustain” if there is no continental ticket, so it will be time to “make the effort to become competitive again” for the coming season. It does not escape anyone that the main expense for any football club lies with the players themselves. Are the salaries very high in the Ahletic? “I consider that the staff charges fairly in relation to their effort and that effort is indisputable,” said the president, while stressing again that they should make an “effort” with this template.

But he made it clear that the amount “is very well evaluated” and that within the club they are “proud” with the footballers “for how they have been working these weeks, maintaining their shape in the hallway of their home, with an undeniable commitment.” There was a word that Elizegi repeated several times when referring to economic matters: effort. “Our budgetary policy of recent years requires us, outside of Europe, to make an extra effort ”, explained the Santutxu. Therefore, the final decisions will come when they know if the Athletic is going to dispute the next one or not Europa League.

Regardless of what happens on the field of play, Elizegi stressed the importance of “fighting for the three supports that give stability” to the rojiblanco club. The first “is television rights.” Then the “local league” appears, which translates into the “capacity of the partners to contribute fees and efforts” and in the entity's know-how to obtain “sponsorships”. Finally it would be “do that San Mamés be a way to support income ”.

The Athletic He made public this week his proposal regarding membership fees due to closed-door matches. “We had to make a decision and listen to the partner, we do it daily and we try to feel every 24 hours,” he said. Elizegi. The most urgent thing was “to make an effort to anticipate that part of the quota (21.05%) that was important.” Then there are the four alternatives that Ibaigane offers to compensate the partner and they will be subject to Assembly: “From that way of debating we think the solution will come out.”

We have inherited a budget policy that forces us to make efforts if we are not in European competition ”

What if it is rejected? The directive that heads Elizegi will work to build bridges and reach junction points. “We have all summer to work with the partner, we are already doing it,” he proclaimed. All the clubs “are going to find it difficult this season and maybe some more”, for which the rojiblanco president asked that the Athletic and its social mass must “be together and united on that path and agree on it.”

One of the controversial elements in the proposition of Ibaigane It is that 30%, of the total quota of each partner, that is dedicated to non-professional football. So discounts will be made on a 70% basis. “You had to create a line. What does social quota and professional quota mean. It was a debate that we could open in the fall or this month and we have opened it to reflect this summer. We think that part of our quota contributes to many details that we consider to be Athletic and that they make us a different club. What is the partner's contribution to Lezama, to the social environment … we have left it in the hands of the Assembly, there we have to reflect and decide which is the section of our quota that supports a part of our daily work, which is essential ”.