The Spotify Camp Nou works meet deadlines and the construction phase begins


The FC Barcelona stadium, the Spotify Camp Nou, is about to enter the construction phase after going through, in the initial section of the comprehensive renovation works, the processes of demolition, excavation and concreting of foundations for, inside of the planned deadlines, to be able to welcome the team and the fans again in November 2024.

“The works are progressing according to the planned deadlines and after months of demolitions and excavations, with part of the iconic façade from 1957 covered by safety nets to mitigate the dust produced, the future new Barça home is in the middle of the construction phase” , explained the club.

In the coming weeks, the concreting of the foundations of the structure of the new third stands will be completed and some of the pillars of the second basement are already visible in the Gol Sur and Lateral area. Of the six tower cranes that will be responsible for lifting and building the new structure, three are already fully operational and the fourth is being assembled, which will be located on the Tribuna esplanade.

The entity explains that the actions of the first and second stands are also progressing and more than 45 percent of the repair of the current structure has been completed and soon the conditioning work will begin on the new spaces recovered from the original construction of 1957 and the incorporation of the necessary facilities to enhance them, such as the boulevard or the GAP -space between the current stands and the façade of the new Stadium-.

The screen walls of the Gol Sur area with Travessera de les Corts have already been built, and those of Gol Nord with Joan XXIII avenue are progressing according to planning, which will allow the formation of the new basements located under the large esplanade of the stadium, intended for parking.

At the end of this month of January there will be approximately 1,000 workers involved in the works at the Spotify Camp Nou and this figure is expected to increase, as the new façade of the new 'culer' fiefdom takes shape.