The Spanish track cycling team will gather at the Anadia velodrome (Portugal) from February 12 to 18, a meeting that will serve to prepare and evaluate the men's and women's team pursuit quartets and the men's track speed trio. equipment.

The Spanish coach, Félix García Casas, will have in Anadia Gloria Rodríguez, Laura Rodríguez, Eva Anguela, Izzy Escalera, Marina Garau, Laura Rodríguez, Isabel Ferreres, Erik Martorell, Joan Martí Bennassar, Alejandro Merenciano, Beñat Garaiar, Álvaro Navas and Mario Anguela among long-distance runners; while the group of sprinters will be made up of Pepe Moreno, Ekain Jiménez and Esteban Sánchez, since Alejandro Martínez is still recovering from the injury he suffers.

During that week, various aerodynamic tests will be carried out to improve the position of the cyclists and tests will be carried out to assess the strength work of the runners.