The Spanish journalist who has sued Gerard Depardieu for rape: “I noticed his hand on my chest and then on my crotch”

The actor continues to add to the list of alleged victims of sexual assault. A scandal that has crossed all borders and to which our country joined this Monday through the denunciation of Ruth Asksa Spanish journalist who interviewed Gerard Depardieu in 1995 and that she has filed a lawsuit against him in the Torremolinos court for an alleged rape.

Baza was 23 years old at the time and claims that he buried that terrible episode in the depths of his psyche. However, the wave of demands by other women against the Russian nationalized Frenchman awakened her memory and she turned to some newspapers of the time, where she wrote what happened: “He kissed me deeply on the lips, and then on my face with a frenzy.” , he kissed me again and again. Suddenly I noticed his hand on my chest and then on my crotch, I couldn't move, I disconnected from my body because he had invaded me. I didn't feel anything, I only remember the smell of alcohol and nicotine in my mouth “I don't know how long it lasted.”

It happened in the offices of the production company Roissy Films, on Avenue Georges V in Paris. She collaborated with the magazine Cinemania and interviewed Depardieu on the occasion of the premiere of Colonel Chabert. Witnesses claim that the journalist returned to Madrid “traumatized” and she only said that the interview had been a “nightmare.”

Ruth's lawsuit and testimony joins that of 13 other women who accuse the protagonist of Asterix and Obelix of having sexually abused them. It must be remembered that these days a video of the interpreter has been leaked in which he claims that he has “a beam in his pants” and that women like to ride horses “because of the friction of their clitoris with the chair.” And he points out: “They are big bitches.”