The sons of Aznar and Botella, business sharks: now they invest in online optics and real estate

The sons of Jose Maria Aznar, Alonso y Jose Maria, renew their careers as investors and bet on new businesses to be even richer than they have been since they created their first companies. The male offspring of the President of the Government between 1996 and 2004 have turned their investments to the online optician sector, in the case of José María, and towards the always productive real estate market, in the case of Alonso, the smallest.

The eldest of the children of the couple formed by Aznar and Ana Bottlewho is married to Monica Abascal and has three children, supports the company’s project GreyHoundersa chain of opticians and store onlinewhich has obtained a financing round of 1.2 million euros to accelerate its growth.

The amount that José María contributes as an investor for reasons of “confidentiality” has not transpired, as published The confidentialbut the sum must be large enough to win a seat on the board of directors of the company Marlunettes Solutions SL, which markets optics.

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The business, which aims to bring optics to all kinds of audiences thanks to technology, skyrocketed after opening physical stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and having been one of the startups backed by Shuttlethe business incubator of the owner of Mercadona, Juan Roig.

José María Aznar Botella is also part of the management team of the financial advisory firm Liceo Capital Advisors, since in 2020 he became associated with its founder, George Lopez Morenowhich launched the boutique specialized in SMEs and family companies.

the older brother of Ana Aznar He has extensive experience as a financier and investor in companies such as Poniente Capital (advisor to large funds), Poniente Energy (renewable sector), Poniente Capital Ventures (new businesses), Siroco (real estate services) and Venturi Racing (Formula E team).

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But not all of his investments turn out well for him. Last February, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of his house located in the Marina Isla de Valdecañas residential complex, located in Extremadura, because it is a space included in the Natura 2000 Network and declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA). The eldest of the Aznars was left without a vacation paradise together with other rich owners such as the nephew of the king emeritus Beltran Gomez-Acebo and the singer Charles Baute.

Alonso will get rich renting flats

For his part, the youngest of the sons of the former president and the former mayor of Madrid, Alonso Aznarengaged to the Mexican model and photographer Renata Collado, He is going to earn significant sums of money through the investment company he created in 2017, Zara Capital, of which he is the administrator.

Before starting on his own, the youngest of the family of the former president of the Popular Party was responsible for Iberia and Mexico for the multinational dedicated to artificial intelligence Afiniti Spain, where he shared, curiously, a work space with his father, who held the position CEO of the company.

At Zara Capital, Alonso counts as partners no less than Alvaro FalcoMarquis of Cubas and with Pepe Ruiz-Gallardonson of the former mayor of Madrid Alberto Ruiz-Gallardonas proxy.

After dedicating the company to investing in financial markets, providing consulting services and obtaining sponsors for events, and losing 21,931.25 euros last year due to the covid pandemic, it is now broadening its sights to real estate sales and the income provided by those properties put up for rent.