The first time the soft regency concept was launched came from the mouth of Robert Hazell, a royal expert and professor at University College London, according to the British media. He refers to a change of functions of Carlos III, 75 years old, in that of his first-born son.

The monarch, low due to his cancer treatment, he has already announced that he plans to continue doing his office work in Sandringham, thanks to the famous red boxes and also maintain his weekly meetings with Rishi Sunak, always under medical criteria.

However, in his work there are functions that, throughout these weeks, we will see Guillermo assume. Due to his status as his heir, he can endorse laws and represent his father in in-person events. This is provided by the law approved in Parliament on State Councilors. In addition to his son, his wife, Camilla, and his brothers, Eduardo and Ana, are involved in carrying out these functions.

We know nothing about the cancer that Carlos III is facing. We know nothing about his treatment, whether he is receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. We also do not know how many sessions he will receive or for how long. We know that he is very grateful and has shared it on social media: “I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the many messages of support and good wishes that I have received in recent days.”

At the moment the debate about Charles's regency in William is on the topical table. In this debate, Harry's name also makes the headlines. What role would the Duke of Sussex play if the regency is launched? Would we see a rapprochement between both brothers?