The situation of Silvia Tortosa’s ex, Carlos Cánovas, his girlfriend and the issue of the important inheritance

Silvia Tortosa He died on March 23 in his native Barcelona at the age of 77 two weeks before his death. The Catalan actress became very popular, especially in the late 70s and early 80s, because she was one of the presenters of the Aplauso program, along with José Luis Fradejas, and even recorded an album taking advantage of the popularity. But she, in addition to cinema and theater, was known for her participation in such successful series as Curro Jiménez, Hostal Royal Manzanares or Farmacia de Guardia, among others.

Silvia Tortosa left after suffering from an illness that she made public in 2019 and although her media profile was rather discreet when her time came, television and the media recovered the life of the interpreter, her heartbreaks and even other characters have become popular. satellites.

One of them, who is suddenly in our lives, is called Carlos Cánovas, whom the actress met in 2008, when she lived in her house in Madrid and the producer, in Las Lomas, in Boadilla del Monte. They became boyfriends and got married. He was not a well-known character except as the person who was with Silvia Tortosa, being younger than her, who laughed at the comments about the age difference. “And what difference does it make to you? It’s not like you were going to marry him,” Silvia responded when a reporter tried to rebuke her about it.

Before, Silvia Tortosa had been married twice. She divorced her first husband and was widowed by her second. And he received a good inheritance. Silvia Tortosa and Carlos Cánovas were married. They got married in USA, but under a regime of separation of assets. After her death, the actress’s widower is the producer, as stated in the record of last wills of the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts.

The widow’s pension is received if the beneficiary does not remarry, as is the case: there was no termination of the marital union. As Carlos Cánovas himself explains to us, he does not plan to challenge Silvia’s will, with whom he was for 17 years. When they separated, on November 30, 2023, the actress already knew about her husband’s relationship with Marina Lozano. But that is another story and will have to be told another time.

The inheritance of discord

Silvia’s death brought previously unknown information about her private life to light. The first we learned was that her last husband, Carlos Cánovas, was unfaithful to her in the last months of her life, causing the breakup between them. Furthermore, after weeks of waiting, the actress’s will was opened and we learned of her last wishes.

Although discretion marked her private life as one of the most popular artists in our country, in recent weeks there has been constant talk about her separation from Cánovas and whether her ex-husband would be present in her millionaire will. Now we know not. The legacy was divided into four parts and would be valued at around 5 or 6 million euros.

The first of them, of around 50,000 euros, would go to the religious congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor, which the artist helped on many occasions. The second, her real estate assets in North America, in Baltimore and Miami, would be for her former in-laws, with whom she continued to have a good relationship and whom she visited whenever she traveled to the country.

The third part would go to her great friend in recent decades and who was by her side until her last breath, Ana Congost, also executor of her will, and who when asked about this issue recognized that Silvia loved her grandchildren very much. suggesting that it is included in his inheritance. And the last beneficiary would be another close friend, Ana Umbral, sister of the singer Pepe Umbral. Some days ago, Marina Lozano, The woman with whom Carlos was unfaithful to Silvia was captured by several reporters and fled to avoid making statements. She did not want to reveal how her boyfriend was feeling or if it is true that she intended to keep all of the artist’s money, as has been stated on different television programs in recent weeks.