The singer Francisco, outraged by the censorship to which Compromís submits him

He is the most popular singer in the Valencian Communitybut the affection and attachment of the public does not correspond to what is happening to him with some of the politicians of his land. Francisco, 64, acknowledges that he has received offers to stand in the municipal elections: “And I have rejected them, because I am too visceral and I sing the forty to anyone, I would be in conflict in conflict and it is not profitable for me,” he complains angrily. And she talks about the treatment she receives from the politicians of commitment: “Because, among other things, they have prohibited the Valencia City Council from playing the anthem sung by me. And also in the Generalitat. I am very burned out with these people. And with so much politicking. I don’t want to know anything about them.”

Francisco, however, is confident that after the municipal elections “there will be a radical change and politicians who dedicate themselves to working for the citizens and not for their own interests and those of their parties win,” he says. “People with charisma and prepared to properly perform their duties.”

This Wednesday night, May 10, we can see him at the EDP Gran Vía Theater in Madrid celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of his great musical success, the song Latinoand with a very emotional surprise: a tribute to the artist he most admires, Nino Bravo, singing Live, the only song composed by Nino in his career. The premature death of the interpreter of America, Free, Noelia o A kiss and a flower prevented him from singing Live on stage, because he composed it shortly before his death and only had time to record it.