The Shareholders' Meeting approves the accounts and suspends the management of the Al Thani

Málaga held its Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting this Thursday more than a year late. The main point of the day was the examination and approval of the club's annual accounts corresponding to the 2018-19 season in the period between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

The judicial administrator of Málaga José María Muñoz (hereinafter AJ) chaired a meeting in which Rafael Paniza (from the Garrigues Law Firm) acted as secretary under the notarial presence of Manuel Tejuca García. Muñoz has acted as representative of NAS Football and NAS Spain. ANDhe order of the judge extending the judicial administration of José María Muñoz to NAS Spain 2000, current holder by provisional sentence of 96.89% of Málaga's shares, allowed the necessary quorum to be produced and, therefore, that a meeting be held in which Muñoz also represented NAS Football SLU, the sheikh's company that brought together the shares before the ‘BlueBay Case’ and which continues to have a minimum percentage of shares acquired in an allegedly irregular manner.

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Members of the Association of Small Shareholders (hereinafter APA) Antonio Aguilera, Jesús Burgos and Francisco Valverde, as well as the Minister of Protocol and Institutional Relations of Málaga, Francisco Martin Aguilar.

In this first point, the aforementioned accounts were approved with the vote against the APA and the express reservation of the AJ about the content of said accounts. Accounts approved with known legal exceptions.

In the second point, regarding the approval of the management of the previous Board of Directors (consisting of Abdullah Al Thani and his sons Nasser, Nayef and Rakkan) the APA voted against and the AJ has abstained, so this point has not been approved. The vote of the APA has been decisive to reject the management of the previous Council.

The Meeting proceeded with agility and tranquility. Al Thani's lawyers did not appear, which was a fear that hung in the air. Neither did representatives of the hotel company BlueBay approach. Before the end of this year, another Ordinary Meeting must be held, the one related to the 2019-20 financial year, when aspects and accounts of the current management are already evaluated. You can also consider the possibility of a capital increase for the club.