The shadow of ‘Operation Deluxe’ and Mariló Montero: Gustavo González breaks his silence after his abrupt departure from ‘Sálvame’

With the ‘Operation Deluxe’ in court and his particular mess with Mariló Montero, who has recently signed for Mediaset, in court, overnight, Gustavo Gonzalez ceased to appear as a collaborator in Save me. Months later, the paparazzi has given details about what happened and has not clarified if his departure is related to any of these reasons.

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“It was a stage of my life in which I was passing. My contract was not renewed Save me and it is over. Nothing else”. About how he is at the moment, the fellow party explains in Pronto: “I carry it with humility and tranquility, focused on my work and my family. And with a lot of passion.”

As he says, he was aware that his time in the afternoons of Telecinco was temporary: “Television is not a panacea for anyone and I knew it was a passing stage“.

Gustavo, who appeared for the last time on the program in March, draws a clear conclusion, without reproaches in between: “After 20 years in the middle, I am very grateful for having participated in programs that are history. I am proud to have been part of Save me. And I want to make it very clear that I’m not mad at anyone.”

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González is one of the 17 accused of what is known as ‘Operation Deluxe’. The paparazzo is accused of allegedly passing data to the program in which he collaborates to generate television content.

The problems lie in how to obtain them and the nature of the information. He allegedly did it through his friend, the police officer. Angel Jesus Fernandez Hitaaccessing files restricted to officials in the exercise of their responsibilities.

For this same case, the husband of Chayo Mohedano reached a millionaire agreement with La Fábrica de la Tele, the producer of Save me, a few months ago. Added to these problems for González is the battle he wages with Mariló Montero in court for the famous topless. Diego ArrabalIn fact, he hinted that this could be one of the reasons for Gustavo’s absence on the Mediaset sets.