The sexual videos of Antonio Tejado's ex: “He is condemned for distributing them”

Several ex-girlfriends Antonio Tejado They have come out to talk after the entry into provisional prison of the nephew of Maria del Monte for the robbery committed at his aunt's house, in Gines (Seville), last August. After the exclusive of Alba Muñoz, the mother of his daughter, now it is the turn of Candela Acevedo with another exclusive. With her, the singer's nephew participated in GH Dúo 2019.

Acevedo's headlines are shocking: “Antonio is convicted of distributing videos of intimate hands”reveals about the “hell” that he claims to have happened with him. In September of last year, he obtained a court ruling that sentenced Tejado to 7 months and 15 days in prison and a fine of 6,000 euros, of which, as he explains, he has received 2,500 euros. “The trial was not held. Since he had no criminal record, my lawyer told me that it was better to reach an agreement. She ã ‰ he recognized the facts. I wanted a trial and for him to go to jail. I wanted to have the sentence in which he appears convicted. I have it.” And he adds: “It's my grain of sand in case he did the same thing to another woman, let that man pay”.

In Readings She also explains this Wednesday what happened to her with Chayo Mohedano's ex, which for her was “terrifying”: “Antonio sent videos of me to another boy because later he wanted to have sex with him, to warm him up!”. She found out about the dissemination of intimate images of her in 2020, during the Covid pandemic.

Acevedo also recounts other episodes: “Sometimes I didn't remember anything from the night before. I don't know if they put something in my drink. That upset me a lot”. And he assures: “There was a fight at his house so loud that someone did call the police. He left as if nothing had happened. So cold! They told him they wanted to see the girl, I was hoping he would tell me to go out. I was terrified. She convinced the police to leave. “How can they leave?” And she remembers: “It was repeated and repeated again. I left his house two or three times“.

In his interview, Acevedo also has a few words for the sevillanas singer who, together with his wife, Immaculate Casalis going through one of the worst moments of his life: “I feel very sorry for his aunt, María del Monte, she has been very generous with him, I think too much”. And he explains: “It's a shame that your own nephew comes to this. With me she has been a charm”. Regarding his entry into provisional prison, accused of robbing his aunt, he says: “I'm glad. At the end of the day, when I reported him I wanted him to go to jail for everything he did to me. My sentence is going to add to that as well.”.

As for why she participated with him in Big Brothersentence: “It felt nice to me, like an experience, starting from scratch. He threatened me that if I didn't go, he would go with someone else. When I saw that he was fooling around with everyone, I saw him in his habitat and it made me sick. No matter how bad he had put me through, he continued insulting me and playing with my feelings. She was devastated.”