The sex of the baby that Bertín Osborne and Gabriela Guillén are expecting is leaked and she explodes: “I can’t trust anyone”

Very angry. This is the Paraguayan businesswoman after the sex of the baby she is expecting with her has been revealed Bertin Osborne: a male. Gabriela Guillen He stated weeks ago that he wanted to live this stage away from the media focus and the leak has not been funny: “I can not trust anyone”.

And it is that the reporter of the summer program He has not only announced that the baby will be a boy, but also that the mother did not take it too well: “I was very excited because it was a girl, in fact I was going to call her Martina…”.

Guillén, who is resting these days on the beach with a group of friends, has turned to social networks to share her anger: “My life has been sold without my consent and I am not in a position… I don’t feel like selling my life. I ask you to respect my private life, I’m not going to say anything, neither about my baby”. And she added: “I am very tired of everything that is being said, that they continue to invent things… I cannot trust anyone.”

Bertín dispatches in Elche

Gabriela’s intervention comes just two days after her ex and father of her son used the stage in Elche, where she performed, to complain about the media: “Although there are people who say they know, they really don’t know. Not on television, not in music, not in wine. I’ve tried all three.” And she added: “I’ve spent my whole life finding them useless.”