The Sevillian Sergio Rico, PSG goalkeeper, serious after falling from a horse in El Rocío

The former Sevilla goalkeeper and current Paris Saint Germaine goalkeeper, Sergio Rico, has been admitted to a very serious Sevillian hospital after having suffered an accident with a horse this Sunday while enjoying the El Rocío pilgrimage with friends. The soccer player presents a picture of head trauma, in addition to bleeding and other major injuries.

Just the day before, the goalkeeper played the match with his team in Strasbourg with which PSG won the French league title. After the work done, the player had permission to travel and enjoy a vacation like the rest of his teammates.

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As a Sevillian, Rico did not hesitate to head to his land to enjoy the most famous pilgrimage in Spain with his wife, the model and influencer Alba Silva, whom he married in June 2022. According to sources from the medical team that has treated him, Sergio fell from the horse he was riding in the village of El Rocío, in Huelva, and that was when the blow caused him a serious head injury.

However, the friends who accompanied the athlete insist that the accident was not a fall, as they have explained in Fiestabut a runaway horse has given him a very strong blow to the neck, and that has been the cause of the serious accident.

However, sources close to the player have clarified that Sergio was riding the horse, that he became nervous after a carriage passed by, and that he gave him a bad kick after having thrown him to the ground. After the accident, Rico was quickly treated and transferred to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville.