The setback that ruins Martínez Almeida's wedding: “It's bad luck”

There are less than two months left for the mayor of Madrid to say “yes, I want” to Teresa Urquijoan investment analyst related to the Royal Family who is 22 years younger than Martínez Almeida (he is 48, she is 27). In the midst of the organizational whirlwind of the great celebration, the groom has realized a blunder that there is no turning back: “That same April 6 is the final of the Copa del Rey.”

The mayor, a great Atlético de Madrid fan, commented: “The truth is that I was unlucky. Because it wasn't because I didn't check the calendar, because as a good soccer fan I did it. I watched the Champions League final in a display of optimism, and it didn't coincide. So when I looked at April 6, I told myself let's see if there is a league. And then I saw that there was no league and I thought well, it would be a friendly of the Spanish National Team, and then someone made me clear of my mistake and told me 'No, it's the Cup final.'

Almeida will marry with a thorn in her heart although she does not lose hope: “I think that if we win that Cup final, there may be some return for Neptune at the end of the night. There are going to be people waiting, of course, people who are going to have to make a decision. A decision almost as difficult as mine. Almost,” she said with a laugh in Relevo.

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Martínez Almeida and Teresa Urquijo will seal their love next April 6 at El canto de la cruz, the bride's family estate. Among those invited to the wedding there will be well-known faces from the world of aristocracy and politics. Don Juan Carlos, cousin of the bride's grandmother, has already received the invitation from him although it is not likely that he will attend.

The celebration will take place on a large terrace located behind the main house, which has spectacular views of the city of Madrid. The mayor has already joked about the details of the party: “Organizing the tables is more difficult than making the electoral lists.” And he assured: “I will have to give up some vices at 48 years of age, such as that empty refrigerator, I will have to get going.”