The serenity of Charles III in his new reappearance in London: always with Camilla

It is the new appearance of Charles III. The monarch, 75, has returned to Clarence House, his London residence, after a few days of rest in Sandringham, where he has set up his headquarters while he receives cancer treatment. A few days ago Guillermo and Kate went there, about two and a half hours by car from the capital, to see him.

Serene, calm and with a slight smile. This is how Carlos III has shown himself in his new appearance in the capital. The 75-year-old monarch was at the City where he met his son Harry, recently landed from Los Angeles. After the 45 minutes that her reunion lasted, she headed to Buckingham from where she flew by helicopter to Sandringham, the house in Norfolk County that her mother so adored.

For his visit to London, the sovereign has undertaken the same journey, but in reverse. Also by helicopter, he traveled to Buckingham Palace, a moment in which he was captured by photographers.. Carlos, who these days cannot be separated from his great emotional support, Camilla, looked out the window of his car and smiled slightly. He was wearing a dark gray suit and a pearl-colored tie.

Although it has not been revealed what type of cancer the King suffers from, we do know that it is not prostate cancer. He is scheduled to receive a new treatment session in the coming weeks.