The separation of Pablo Motos, told by the presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ himself: “I felt liberation”

Pablo Motos He is not in the habit of talking about his personal life. However, the presenter opened up this Tuesday in El hormiguero about how he experienced his separation. The guests on the program were the influencers sweetness y White Paulwho have launched a podcast after giving their relationship a second chance.

The new project of the guests, Destiny: the stars, deals with current issues, but also issues that touch the protagonists personally. In their first installment, in fact, they talked about how they felt about reconciling after being separated for more than a year, and this gave rise to the presenter to talk about their intimate life.

“We are going to do a little therapy. There will be millions of people who are in this situation of leaving someone and don’t know what is going to happen or other people who have already taken that step and are in the same situation, thinking what is going to happen,” he advanced. the host of the program.

Motos spoke openly about the mix of contradictory sensations that he went through at the beginning of the breakup: “When I separated, in order, the first thing I felt was liberation, like that, without lies. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, mixed with a lot of guilt and a bit of a feeling of failure.

The influencers responded that, then, it was he who left him, to which Motos agreed. “The number 1 feeling was grief and failure, above all,” Dulceida added, ensuring that she knew that, at some point, he was going to return to his girlfriend. “He is the love of my life,” she said.

The journalist spoke about the limits he maintains with his current partner, Laura Llopis. “It is strictly prohibited to repeat what the other person has said in an idiotic voice. At least when we are arguing. On a day-to-day basis we do it a lot,” she pointed out.

Pablo Motos and Laura Llopis met in 1997, when he presented a program on Onda Cero Valencia and she was part of the production team. They have had a very discreet relationship for 25 years. They married secretly and civilly.

Currently, Llopis is the one who personally supervises the script of The anthill and who decides everything her husband says. Her two daughters also work on the Antena 3 program.