The SEC football schedule for the 2024 season was made public.

The SEC football schedule for the 2024 season was made public.

The SEC shared the college football plans for all 16 for its member institutions on Wednesday night. The highly-anticipated game between Georgia and Alabama will now be played on September 28.

A lot of people are also looking forward to Oklahoma and Texas coming to the league. On the other hand, the Longhorns have a big home game toward Georgia on October 19. They won’t play Alabama during the regular season.

Alabama comes to Oklahoma on November 23, but Oklahoma doesn’t play them. That game could help settle which team makes it to the SEC championship game.
Also, when it comes to home games of the Sooners, the biggest one this year will be when they host Alabama on November 23.

The SEC shared its football schedule for 2024 on Wednesday. This gives a full picture of how the games will be played in the first year of the league’s expansion to 16 teams.

The conference is happy to have Texas and Oklahoma join. The Longhorns and Owls will play against Missouri and Texas A&M, two teams they used to play against in the Big 12.

They won’t have much time to get used to their new surroundings before they face their toughest opponents.

Texas’s first game in the SEC is at home on September 28 against Mississippi State. The Longhorns play Georgia three weeks later. Kirby Smart is the two-time national title coach for Georgia.

But Texas fans may be most excited about the game at the end of the schedule, on November 30, when the Longhorns play Texas A&M again on the road in College Station.

The first game in SEC play for Oklahoma is at home against Tennessee within Week 4. They won’t be back in Norman, Oklahoma, for almost a month after that, when they play in the Red River Showdown, which will take place in Dallas.

Also, the SEC game of the year won’t be here for long. Alabama is on the road this coming Saturday, September 28.

The Crimson Tide beat the Bulldogs to advance to the 2023 SEC Championship Game, which meant they didn’t get to play in the College Football Playoff. Smart and his team will be out to get even.

South Carolina plays its first SEC game of the season on the road at Kentucky. Georgia plays Clemson within Atlanta, Florida hosts Miami, Texas goes to Michigan, and LSU plays USC in Las Vegas. These are some of the SEC teams’ notable nonconference opponents.

It will be the first occasion since the start of the SEC in 1991 that there are no divisions. Instead, the top two teams within the SEC standings will clash in Atlanta in 2024 in the SEC Championship Game.

It’s always big news when the SEC releases its yearly plan. It’s very important that the Oklahoma Sooners as well as Texas Longhorns join the league.

The SEC released its 2024 schedule on Wednesday night. The Sooners and Longhorns will take on Alabama, Georgia, and the other teams from the best league in college football for the first time that year.

Back in the spring, a nine-game schedule was on the table for the conference, but they stuck with an eight-game calendar instead. Now the news turns to football, where the biggest games in each conference have been set.

When Oklahoma and Texas join the SEC in 2024, the whole league will be different from then on.

The East and West divisions are now no longer there because the conference has chosen to keep two teams as permanent opponents and switch up the other teams every year.