The scores and highlights of Jake Paul vs. André August: “The Problem Child” smashes through the enemy and knocks them out badly.

The scores and highlights of Jake Paul vs. André August: “The Problem Child” smashes through the enemy and knocks them out badly.

Jake Paul fought an unknown boxer named Andre August in Orlando on Friday night.
It was the first time during his professional boxing career that he met someone who wasn’t a big name in other sports, recreation, or mixed martial arts.

As expected, Paul won the fight by knocking out his opponent with a powerful uppercut in the first round.

August was a professional fighter with a 10-1-1 record, but only one of his fights had been in the last four years.

On paper, he wasn’t a very interesting opponent, but he wasn’t too hard for a fighter to face in their ninth competitive fight either, which was Paul’s case.

Paul worked on his jab right away and used it for setting up body shots as well as overhand rights.

He quickly got paid for the jab by landing a right uppercut after the straight left that hit August on his face and knocked him out.

August couldn’t beat the referee’s count, and when he tried to stand up after the fight was over at 2:32 of Round 1, he tripped and hit the ropes hard.

“All week, I said first-round knockout,” Paul said shortly after the fight. “I made this happen. This is the authority to make things happen.

I told her I had to bring back the old “Problem Child.” I’ve been too nice to these guys by letting them fight on to the next round.

You know, I am unaware of what I have proved tonight. I’m going to try it. This is the next step on the way toward becoming a world winner. My only Christmas wish was to give you all a surprise.

There was no need to study; André August’s hopes were dashed on Saturday night with a top of 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

Jake Paul shut up the haters. The Problem Child won his ninth professional fight, this time by knockout against a hard-core boxer. There’s nothing better than that.

“I said it all week: it would happen in the first round.” It was a meeting. The bad kid came back, even though he was originally very nice.

“I shut up the haters,” the fighter, who moved to 8-1 alongside five knockouts, said even in the ring.

Paul prevented August work because he was taller, heavier, and had better reach. As soon as he got the chance, he stopped the fight on a busy night to Orlando, Florida.

“Great things are on the way. She also said, “I can’t talk right now, but next week something big is coming.”

Tonight, boxer Franchon Crews beat his longtime rival Shadasia Green by a unanimous score to become the World Boxing Council extra middleweight king.

The fight between Jake Paul and André August is set to happen on December 15. The fight is a cruiserweight match that will last eight rounds and take place within the Caribe Royale Orlando.

There will be discussion and analysis for the Jake Paul vs. André August match by Todd Grisham, Dan Canobbio, or Ariel Helwani.

Wade Plemons, a boxing expert on YouTube, will be the host to the night. At least two times, Tyron Woodley as well as Jake Paul have fought against each other.

In August 2021, they met for the first time at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. “The Chosen One’s” first fight in professional boxing took place at that event.

In the end, ‘The Problem Child’ was named the winner by split decision after eight three-minute rounds. Three judges gave the fight three different scores: 77–75, 78–74, and 75–77 in favor the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

But “TNT” had to pull out of the fight because he was hurt, so Woodley stepped in at the last minute to fight Paul again. Because of this, Woodley stepped in at the last minute for a fight with Paul.

‘The Problem Child’ refused to allow the fight go before the judges this time. In the sixth round, he knocked out the prior UFC champion very badly.

‘The Problem Child’s’ eighth professional boxing match is coming up soon: Jake Paul vs. André August.

However, the YouTuber-turned-boxer was not interested in advertising the December 15 event like he was in his previous fights.