the saunas uncovered by Villarejo

Sabiniano Gómez Serrano, father of Begoña Gómez, wife of the President of the Government, died this Wednesday, which is why Pedro Sánchez has canceled the agenda he had planned for the next 48 hours. The socialist leader has explained that this decision was due to reasons of a personal nature, inexcusable matters. The health of his father-in-law had worsened in the last few hours. Begoña is not going through the best of times after an investigation was opened this spring against her for her alleged commission of crimes of influence peddling and corruption in the private sector. Hers had also been at the center of the controversy for some time, accused of being a businessman of saunas and other sensitive information.

Sabiniano Gómez Serrano was born in Gordoncillo, a small town in León with just over 300 inhabitants. His wife is also from Leon, specifically from the town of de Valderas, where the wife of the leader of the Executive grew up, about 60 kilometers from the regional capital. The couple had two children, Begoña Gómez, who was born in Bilbao, and Miguel Ángel Gómez. Both grew up in a humble environment, linked to the countryside and dedicated to pastoral and agricultural work.

Little else is known about the family that Gómez formed with his wife. The neighbors shared some details about their daughter, Begoña, at the time. that revealed some details of the family’s lifestyle, very suspicious of their privacy. “She was a very sociable and very pretty girl,” they said about her in that Leonese town, where they consider that she is very “uncomfortable” with her forced protagonism because she prefers a “discreet and little media” profile.

This is how Begoña’s cousin, Feli Rodríguez, spoke of their summers together at Leon’s Diary: “Begoña and I lived next door. Our houses were close together. I remember being together from the time we got up until we went to bed. The family house was too big for everyone to fit in and we shared many adventures.” In the summer of 2022, a new recording of the former commissioner was released. Jose Villarejo which focused on alleged businesses in Madrid. This recording revealed that the socialist’s father-in-law had previously run businesses such as Sala Adán, a former gay sauna on Calle San Bernardo in Madrid. He got rid of these businesses in 2012.

In the recording, Villarejo told former Popular Party deputy Francisco Martínez that Gómez and his two brothers “ran saunas” in which sexual encounters took place between men and women. The conversation took place in 2014, when Sánchez led the opposition against Mariano Rajoy. Martínez acted as an intermediary between Villarejo himself and the former Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernandez Diaz. Just as she collected at the time ABCthe former commissioner told Martínez that he had information about this business of Sabiniano’s because his ‘friends’ from the Police “go to those saunas to get a kick out of their hat.”

One hour and 53 minutes of atrocities

The recordings of the former commissioner Jose Villarejo They jumped two years ago and put important personalities on the ropes, such as journalist Eduardo Inda, the director of Ok Diary. The new audios that were delivered to the Investigative Court Number 32 of Madrid, in the framework of one of the many cases in which he is involved, also affected the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez. This recording, lasting one hour and fifty-three minutes, took place in 2014, when the former police officer leaked information about the socialist’s father-in-law to former Popular Party deputy Francisco Martínez. Sabiniano Gómez Serrano. The father of Begoña Gómez He was the owner of businesses such as Sala Adán, a former gay sauna, on San Bernardo Street in Madrid. but the father-in-law of the now deceased socialist leader got rid of those businesses in 2012.

“Pedro Sánchez’s father-in-law is three brothers (…) they run saunas for pilinguis, for uncles and aunts (…) and one for uncles who was on San Bernardo Street,” Villarejo himself confessed to the PP politician. in a conversation that he himself recorded. This conversation from ten years ago took place when Sánchez was leading the opposition against Mariano Rajoy. Martínez acted as an intermediary between Villarejo himself and the former Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernandez Diaz. Villarejo told Martínez that he had information about Sabiniano’s business because his ‘friends’ from the Police “go to these saunas to have a drink.” The former commissioner went into more detail: “It’s a fucking great business, a hell of a lot of money (Villarejo tells the number two at the Interior Ministry). It’s all in the name of the eldest, who is gay, he’s a faggot, but then the other two below him, the father-in-law and the other brother, are responsible, the ones who ran the business, and that’s the story.”

Martínez, who was also secretary of state for security between 2016 and 2018, added: “And Sánchez knows it for sure, he knows perfectly well what his father-in-law does.” Villarejo responded: “And Sánchez knows it for sure, he knows perfectly well what his father-in-law does.” For Villarejo, this was information that could put the future president in check: “This is mortal, mortal. When necessary… It is an issue that you should only discuss with the president and with number 1, stop at a moment’s notice.” determined to tell him ‘we have such information.'”

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Martínez added, in reference to Sánchez: “This kills him. This would kill anyone politically, a guy who goes with the flag of this feminist thing and I don’t know what. Feminist and you have it full of Polish women sucking cocks in the sauna?” . Villarejo replied: “Deadly, Paco. Imagine when I found out. My temper got crazy!” Today’s far-right MEP Fernández Pérez ‘Alvise’ He delivered this audio in the Madrid court.

As we noted, the death of Pedro Sánchez’s father-in-law on Wednesday morning was the reason why the president’s agenda was canceled for 48 hours. Begoña Gómez’s father was a key man in the president’s family, to the point that they lived on his property as newlyweds and he financed the current home they own.

Before the tragic outcome occurred and given the seriousness of his father-in-law, the socialist leader announced early in the day the cancellation of his official agenda. He had been in the control session and left the Congress of Deputies suddenly.

In 2006, Begoña married, madly in love after a crush at a party, with the socialist politician Pedro Sánchez, with whom she has two teenage daughters: Ainhoa ​​and Carlota.? Their civil wedding was celebrated by the socialist councilor of the Madrid City Council, Trinidad Jiménez. Begoña Gómez was born in Bilbao in 1975, but she grew up in the Leonese town of Valderas until she was 16 years old, where her maternal family was originally from. Next day the 5th she has a summons from the judge of the Investigative Court number 41 of Madrid to testify for the crimes of influence peddling and corruption. An appointment that occurs – as this newspaper reported – within the framework of preliminary proceedings 1146/2024 in which a series of public contracts awarded to companies of Juan Carlos Barrabés, professor of the master’s degree at the Complutense University, are being investigated. Begoña Gómez co-directed. His father’s family businesses, most of them gay-oriented saunas, owned by Sabiniano Gómez, were profitable to the point that they served to pay for the family home of the current president and his wife located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, where they lived for years. before settling in the Moncloa Palace.

Begoña studied marketing at an unofficial private school.? From 1996 to 1999 she was director of the Atenea Business Center. She began her employment relationship with the Inmark group in 2000, where she became Director of commercial outsourcing consulting, until 2018. She worked in an office in the Chamberí neighborhood. From 2018 to 2022 she was executive director of the defunct ÁAfrica Center of the Instituto de Empresa. And since 2020 she directed the extraordinary Chair of Competitive Social Transformation at the Complutense University of Madrid, without an approved university degree,? she and she was a professor of the master’s degree in said chair. Some positions are currently in question due to her contacts and influences with companies beyond the strictly academic. On April 24, 2024, a judge opened an investigation against Begoña Gómez for possible crimes of influence peddling and corruption after a complaint from the Manos Liminas union. The news of the death of the president’s wife’s father comes in the worst scenario for the presidential family. Definitely. With the media spotlight pointing towards them for alleged corruption.