The Sanse shipwrecks at home again

The miracle is complicated. The law of the strongest was imposed and football manifested itself in all its crudeness. Sanse lost because Almería was and is far superior and can go up to the First Division this weekend. The subsidiary showed some of the weaknesses that have kept him away from permanence throughout the course and was light years away from competing in a game in which he had deposited his salvation options: it was the day he could get his head out and leave the last four places, but remains two points below Sporting and Málaga, now with one game less both. Huesca and Zaragoza are the last rivals of a Sanse that enjoyed the support of 8,140 fans.

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Xabi Alonso he opted again for a defense of five with Olasagasti and again a splendid Turrientes in front. The surprise was at the tip of the spear, where he discarded the most expected options-Karrikaburu o Lobete– to bet for Alkain y Magunazelaia. 10 more homegrown players Navarro in the ‘eleven’, no reinforcement as a starter.

Anoeta registered a very good entrance to see the Sanse

Anoeta registered a very good entrance to see the Sanse


The subsidiary managed to bother the leader a lot at the beginning. This one only managed to disturb with some isolated option of his battering ram Sadiqa wonder of nature, and with the penetrations by the right of Appiahwho knew how to exploit the space between Arambarri y ander martin. Zubiaurre had to intervene to clear two shots from Appiahalmost without angle, and Same from the front.

A Sanse well led by Turrientes , that I found in the corners, with Sola y ander martinthe way to step on the bottom line. Sola, recently renewed, was about to score 1-0 after a cut with which he left two rivals seated, but shot to the side of the net. However, the one who did score was Almería, after taking a corner. The foals’ gave all the time and space to Robertone to center and Rodrigo Eli dined at Olasagasti before heading into the net.

Penalty stopped by Zubiaurre

Sanse reacted well, with courage, at 0-1 and had it again Sola with a shot that crossed excessively. The frame Alkainbut the goal was annulled for a very fair offside.

After the break, the subsidiary stretched and again caressed the tie with a left-footed shot from Sola near the angle. However, Almería was much closer to the goal, scoring a penalty from Zubiaurre a Sadiq in an aerial balloon that did not seem to have danger. The goalkeeper deflected the shot from Portillowhich went through the center.

The sentence was chewed from before it arrived, even after the departure of Karrikaburu. It was in another rainy leather, Sadiq won to Urko y Blasco He was very soft to the dispute being the last. Framework Ribbonafter a play by a superior footballer like Sadiqwhich is First.

From that moment, Almería knew how to manage their advantage and Sanse ran into their own impotence. The differentials of the subsidiary did not finish appearing and the game ended without more surprises than a pool of Lobete. The points evaporated, and the dream is fading.

opportunities: Zubiaurre; Sola, Blasco (Aldasoro, min.76), Urko, Arambarri (Clemente, min.45), Ander Martín; Turrientes, Olasagasti (Lobete, min.76), Navarro (Garrido, min.91); Alkain, Magunazelaia (Karrikaburu, min.65).

Almeria: Fernando, Pozo (Curro, min.77), Ely (Carriço, min.46), Babic, Akieme, Samú, De la Hoz, Portillo (Lazo, min.65), Robertone, Appiah (Buñuel, min.46) and Sadiq (Sousa, min.86).

goals: 0-1: Ely (min.28). 0-2: Lazo (min.68)

Referee: Caparros Hernandez. He admonished Ely (min.16), Arambarri (min.18), Appiah (min.45), Zubiaurre (min.57), Turrientes (min.69). Lobete (min.82), Alone (min.87)
spectators: 8,140 in Anoeta

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