The saddest match for Di Stéfano

Di Stefano it was everything for him Madrid during eleven wonderful years (1953-64), in which he drew the first great page of the club's history, winning five European cups in a row, adding on his incredible individual scorecard 307 goals in the 396 games he played. But on May 27, 1964, the Spanish champion lost the final of the European Cup against him. Inter (3-1) in Vienna and on the return Miguel Munoz decided to leave him off the list for a game of Generalissimo Cup with the Atlético de Madrid. Di Stéfano's anger was monumental and Santiago Bernabeu, who was the one who signed him and who always had him as his great supporter, firmly supported the coach to show that in the Madrid hierarchies are respected. Bernabéu even offered him a position in the club's technical secretariat. Di Stéfano was offended because he considered that he still had a lot of football left in his boots, despite the fact that he was almost 38 years old (he would meet them on July 4).

Dismissed and hurt in his pride, Alfredo left Madrid and signed for him Spanish. The cruel fate wanted the first day of the next League was a Spanish-Madrid in Sarrià, just on September 13. In Spain There was no talk of anything else. Di Stéfano against Madrid! This caused the match to be televised live for the entire national territory (at 6 in the afternoon, as reported Alfredo Relaño in The country). Di Stéfano was gray and could not avoid the solid and fair triumph of his former team. Two goals from Puskas they decided a match in which the Argentine was nervous and imprecise. It was the game that he surely never wanted to play. The saddest match for The Saeta.