The Royal Family is a pineapple

The Royal Family is a team. They are all for one and one for all. On Leonor’s big day in Zaragoza, the King and Queen and Sofia embraced each other. Military discipline dictated distance, formalities and a measured act. But later, when the Princess of Asturias had the rank of second lieutenant and the Grand Cross of Military Merit in her hands, protocol was relaxed.

With this last act in La General, the lady cadet lieutenant Borbón Ortiz closes her training stage in the Army, since her entry last August. In addition, she has been awarded by the head of State the Grand Cross of Military Merit with white insignia. It took place this Wednesday 3rd in the Parade Ground of the Military Academy of Zaragoza. The sequence was as follows:

The lady cadet, wearing the Army dress uniform, approached her father. She saluted him by rank as dictated by military discipline. The King handed her the order and they shook hands. They smiled. Then, the monarch awarded her the Grand Cross with a white and red sash, which she placed with the help of her father. First on her left arm and then on her head. She had it perfectly rehearsed. While she was adjusting the sash, Leonor remained in formation. Then came the proud embrace from father to daughter.

But this was not the only hug. The second lieutenant cadet went to the presidential tribune, where her parents and sister were. She sat down in the presidency and from there followed the course of the event. Before that we saw that moment when Letizia and Sofia melted with Leonor. There were hugs, kisses with her sister and the motherly look of the Queen. In a few seconds all the emotions surfaced. Don Felipe contemplated the family picture. He was very smiling.