The RFEVB assures that they have not forced it to “repeat the elections” nor that it has committed “malpractice”


The Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation (RFEVB) assured this Tuesday that there is no “sentence” that forces it to “repeat the elections” or that it has committed “malpractice”, and regretted that “an unreal situation in relation to both with the development of the last electoral process held” or “in the functioning” of its governing bodies.

The RFEVB issued a statement in response to last week’s news indicating that the Court of First Instance number 15 of Madrid had agreed with several territorial federations (Aragon, Cantabria, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Basque Country) in their complaint. against the RFEVB and its president for misapplying the regulations in a General Assembly in May 2021 and that the complainants were right that the correct vote on several points was not allowed.

In this sense, the entity chaired by Agustín Martín Santos pointed out that the complaint was presented by “only five of the 70 members that make up the General Assembly” and that the ruling dismissed four of the five claims except for the one referring to “the nullity of the agreements adopted applying article 101 of the General Regulations of the RFEVB”.

In this way, the court “has declared certain agreements adopted at the aforementioned meeting null and void, based on a merely formal issue regarding the voting procedure.” “The correction of the errors that, presumably, in his case, could have been committed would be very simple to carry out,” indicated the RFEVB, which recalled that “the sentence is not final” and that since it does not “share” it, it will appeal it before the Provincial Court of Madrid.

According to the organization, the Court of First Instance No. 15 considers that “there should have been an express vote on the points on the agenda”, while the federation “understood and understands that the application of article 101 of its General Regulations establishes “which should not be carried out in cases in which, regarding the points and aspects of the agenda presented and sent to the assembly members, no amendment had been presented within the period established for this purpose.”

Furthermore, apart from this appeal, the Federal Board of Directors “will adopt the necessary measures to provide full legal certainty to the agreements adopted” in this aforementioned Assembly that “could be affected by the ruling handed down in the first instance or any others subsequently adopted in the breast of the same organ”.


On the other hand, the RFEVB was critical of the statement issued by the Catalan Federation in this regard and which it believes tries “once again to confuse public opinion, projecting an unreal image or situation in relation to both the development of the last electoral process held, as well as with the functioning of the governing bodies of the RFEVB, attempting to mix two issues that have nothing to do with each other”.

In this sense, the federative entity stressed that “at no time” has the court “issued any ruling” that forces it “to repeat the elections, as, recklessly failing to tell the truth once again,” it believes that Maribel Zamora, president, affirms. of the FCVB.

Likewise, he emphasizes that no court has ruled that “the RFEVB and, specifically, its president, have acted with malpractice” and that Agustín Martín Santos himself, “as a natural person, has never been reported to any court, nor does he exist. lawsuit or complaint against him.” “For this reason, there is no ruling regarding irregularities or malpractice committed by him,” he pointed out.

“Except for the lawsuit referred to in the ruling of the Court of First Instance No. 15, there is no ruling that condemns the RFEVB,” added the organization, which highlighted that the point that was estimated by the justice system “is not against” its president, “who was not present at the trial either as a witness or as an investigator,” but “simply filed an appeal against an assembly agreement.”

In addition, the RFEVB highlighted that an appeal against the ruling of the Central Contentious-Administrative Court No. 11 is being processed before the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the National Court and that it was filed by the State Attorney’s Office “in defense of the legality of a resolution of the TAD during the electoral process carried out, the RFEVB having also adhered to the aforementioned appeal”.

This resolution of the TAD referred to the creation of the provisional census of the electoral process of the RFEVB and the justice then ordered to “return the procedure” to the moment in which the TAD “resolves in an exhaustive and reasoned manner on the challenges made to the provisional census.” .