The RFET creates the MAPFRE Wheelchair Tennis League

The RFET continues to increase its support for international athletes who have seen their season paralyzed by the Covid-19 crisis. In this case, we can announce the creation of the MAPFRE Wheelchair Tennis League for the four best Spanish players in the category. Martín de la Puente (13 of the world), Daniel Caverzaschi (22 of the world), Francesc Tur (40 of the world) and Enrique Ciscar (43 of the world) will participate in four tests that will have the same venues and dates than the previously announced tournaments of the men's circuit. From July 10 to 12 at CT Lleida, from 17 to 19 in Madrid, from 24 to 26 in Valencia and from July 31 to August 1 in Avilés.

These are the personalized files of each of the four international players who participate in this MAPFRE League.

Martín de la Puente:

Daniel Caverzaschi:

Francesc Tur:

Enrique Ciscar:

This RFET project to support our players, along with other aid launched into the world of Tennis, represents a significant effort in these times of uncertainty. that also affect our institution. The main intention of the RFET with the creation of these new circuits has been to maintain the competitive form of our players before the return to normality of international competitions.