The RFEF predicts “new times” for futsal and will try to offer “the best Cup in Spain”

LAS ROZAS (MADRID), Jan. 21 (SportsFinding) –

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said Tuesday that “new times are coming” in futsal after “before and after” that will mean having assumed all sports competitions, including that of a Spanish Cup that they intend Make it “the best” in history.

“We are looking to the future. People like Paco (Sedano) and Luis (Amado) have been incorporated and they will contribute exciting projects. Taking the competitions will lead to a before and after in futsal, which has 126,000 licenses and we have to give him the respect he deserves. New times are coming, “said Pedro Rocha, president of the National Futsal Commission of the RFEF at an informative breakfast with the media.

The leader is clear that, after recovering the competitions to organize all the competitions of this sport, some held by the National Futsal League (LNFS), everything “goes forward with tremendous strength.” “There are many associations, but RFEF there is only one and that is what we are defending,” he added.

Among those competencies that the body that presides over Luis Rubiales has adopted is the Spanish Cup, whose next edition will be held in Malaga from March 5 to 8 and which was previously organized by the LNFS. “We are going to try to make it the best Spanish Cup in history,” said Luis Amado, ambassador and institutional representative of the RFEF.

The exporter is being the most visible head in the organization of this cupper tournament and confirmed 100,000 euros for the eight participants, although “the cast is not yet assigned.” In addition, the presentation will be “in an emblematic site” of the Costa Rican city, a track will be released with the corporate colors of the Federation in a Martin Carpena whose capacity will adapt to 9,500 – 10,000 spectators and “a trophy a different tad”.

“The subscriptions are sold out and the sale of tickets is super fast,” said Amado, who also indicated that there will be public actions with the referees, update days for the coaches, the streaming broadcast of the Minicopa, whose final will be in The same scenario as the tournament.

On whether the sudden change of the organizer of the competition that brings together the top eight of the first round in the First Division has generated concern in the clubs, Paco Sedano, general secretary of the National Futsal Committee, acknowledged that there was “concern for the situation”.

“We have met a lot, we have invited everyone to come, although not everyone has come, and all concerns have been resolved,” he warned, leaving for “the clubs” the decision on the role that the LNFS should have in the future more next.


On the other hand, the RFEF manages a 'B' plan for the retransmission of the tournament, theoretically held by Gol for its commercial agreement with the LNFS. “We have asked the Association and we still don't have any notification, but we have a prepared one in case Gol doesn't give it,” said Luis Amado.

In addition, in this 'briefing' in the City of Soccer in Las Rozas (Madrid), Paco Sedano made it clear that the strategic project focuses on “promoting women's futsal and getting more players for the national team” and reviewed how they have been the modifications of the competitions.

“We are preparing next year and we are considering formats,” said the exporter, who did not rule out “giving a spin” to the Spanish Super Cup as he has done football and who are also talking about the coexistence of the Spanish Cup and the Copa del Rey. “Everything has to be turned around,” he admitted. “We are not closed to anything and if a proposal arrives it will be evaluated,” he replied, asking about the possibility of taking a competition out of Spain.

Together with the two internationals and Pedro Rocha were José Venancio López, sports technical director, and Fede Vidal, coach of the men's Absolute. The manager recalled that this 2019 is “a very important year” for the Lithuanian World Cup for which they must still qualify in the first week of February. “It is increasingly difficult to qualify,” he warned in relation to the group that France, Serbia and Ukraine will have.

Venancio López said that they have requested to organize the European Under-19 next year and that they have had to give up participating in the informal Women's World Cup in July in Brazil because they have “the calendar closed” and it is on “a date very bad. ” “The coach (Claudia Pons) did not see it viable either, the same thing happened to Portugal,” said the Basque, who also focused on the formation and detection of talent, in the Olympic dream and in women's futsal the pillars of the project .