The RFEF forgets the Second B calendar

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) yesterday held a new commission with the territorial presidents, in which the competition system for Second B was established for this season that will begin on October 18. The calendar, whose publication was expected for yesterday, seems to have to wait until today, although seeing how the federative entity is acting, anything is possible.

The RFEF approved the competition system that has transcended in recent weeks, with a first phase in which there will be five groups, 10 subgroups and in which each club will play 18 games.

After this first phase there will be a second of six days in which the first three classified will directly access the next season to the new Segunda B Pro and will also fight for promotion to Second. The first three classifieds from each of the five groups and the best fourth (16 teams), will compete for one of the four places in the silver division in a playoff that will have a single venue.

Those classified from fourth to sixth in the first phase will seek promotion to Second B Pro and the rest will fight for permanence.

All teams will go to this second phase keeping the score of the first and will not play with the teams that come from their subgroup.

Each of the competition regulations includes specific provisions to resolve postponement or suspension situations due to Covid-19, as well as recovery days in the calendars to schedule those matches that must be suspended.

To make everything a little more complicated, the RFEF also approved renaming the categories it organizes. In this way, the so far called Second B Pro will be called First RFEF and will be made up of 40 teams that will be divided into two groups of 20; the current Second Division B will be Second RFEF and it will be made up of 90 clubs divided into five groups of 18. And the current Third Division will be called Third RFEF.

Test before starting the League

In addition, the representatives of the different regional federations and those responsible for the Higher Sports Council (CSD) held a telematic meeting yesterday to discuss the health protocols to be followed for the start of the competitions managed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

The intention is that before starting, a diagnostic test is carried out on all the parties involved, with the financing being provided by the RFEF and the public administrations.

Regarding the attendance of the public to the stadiums, each autonomous government will be governed by the regulations, and there may be different criteria depending on the Autonomous Community where the match is played, even if it is the same competition, so we may find different cases.

In addition, each club will be required to have a health officer to coordinate possible positives.