The RFEF does not allow signing the Legans after the departure of Braithwaite




According to the RFEF, it will cause significant damage to the integrity of the competition. In addition, ensure that you work to delete the article that allows you to hire if there is injury

La Liga Santander - FC Barcelona v Eibar

Martin Braithwaithe, in his debut with Bara.

The Spanish Royal Federation of Soccer (RFEF) has dismissed the request made by Legans to sign a player outside the transfer period after leaving for Barcelona from Martin Braithwaite dans once his rescission clause was deposited.

This is indicated by the blue and white club in a text that has been made public through its official channels. This clarifies that the federative entity is based on the fact that there is no application regulation that enables and can allow the request, while arguing that, if it does, it will be able to give rise to a chain of transfers outside the registration period.

According to the RFEF this will cause significant damage to the integrity of the competition and the fairness of the participants. The agency has also explained to them that the consultation was raised to FIFA, also receiving a negative response and that working for delete article 124.3 of its General Regulations, which allows to sign for long-term injury.

“The Legans reaffirms that we are facing unfair regulations, which undermine the integrity of the competition and the right of all clubs to compete on equal terms, and that has caused a huge and serious damage to the club,” he concludes. the notice.

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