The RFEF agrees to renew its commitment to women’s football and groups of 18 teams for the Third Federation


The meeting of the Commission of Presidents of Regional Federations of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) held in Seville has agreed to guarantee the budgetary stability of the First, Second and Third Federation clubs, as well as to ratify the commitment of the RFEF for women’s football, among other issues.

Under the presidency of Luis Rubiales, the meeting in Seville on the occasion of the Copa del Rey final has resulted in various proposals that must be ratified in the next Delegate Commission.

On the one hand, several agreements were announced for non-professional football and its clubs. In the Second Federation, the aid programs will be renewed to guarantee the viability and economic stability of non-professional football clubs with the same composition of aid. Thus, the Impulso 23 program will be extended for four seasons, giving rise to the Impulso 27 program.

In addition, the clubs will continue to receive income from balls and travel aid; and the Cantera con Valores program will continue to be active, the amount to be received will depend on the classification in European competitions of Spanish teams in the previous season. On the other hand, the income will be consolidated for each tie that is overcome in the Copa del Rey. The income received by each club will be around 195,000 euros on average. In addition, and after negotiating with the Higher Sports Council, aid to clubs for Social Security is not lost and is consolidated.

In the Third Federation, it has been agreed that the category will have 18 teams per group starting next season. With this, there will be fewer sporting descents in the category. The incorporation of the new teams, a total of 36, will mean a new investment of more than two million euros for the RFEF in aid. The average aid will stabilize at 61,000 euros per club, although it could reach 66,000. The income for each tie that is overcome in the Cup will remain fixed.

As for women’s football, the RFEF confirmed that it will guarantee the Elite programme, subject to a greater professionalization of the clubs and a commitment to the under-23 players, at the same level that is required in men’s football. The RFEF will also double its efforts so that the CSD maintains the contributions it makes to the clubs through the Universo Mujer program in the coming years.

In the Futfem First Federation, the average amount received by the clubs will continue to exceed 200,000 euros. In the Second Federation, the aid will continue to be around 92,000 euros, and can reach around 137,000 euros.

In the First Division and Second Division of men’s futsal, the RFEF will guarantee a minimum of one and a half million euros to all the clubs, ensuring that the commercialization of television assets will allow “clubs not to have to pay any additional expenses by organization or structure”. A minimum of 90,000 euros is guaranteed for those in the First Division and a minimum of 60,000 for those in the Second who transfer the assets of the program (in what will be called Advance 27). In Second Division B and Third Division the current aids are consolidated.

Meanwhile, women’s futsal will have an increase in aid. The line already started will continue, which has meant giving more than 400,000 euros for the professionalization of the players, and financing the television production of the matches. In the coming years, assets worth 10,000 euros will be awarded to clubs in the First Division and 5,000 euros to those in the Women’s Futsal Second Division.

An agreement was also reached regarding the management of the First Federation, whose continuity, in accordance with the requirements of the new Sports Law, will be linked to rigorous financial control of the clubs, which will begin next season.

“After two years of life of the category, in which the Federation has verified a deficit economic management of some clubs, and following what is dictated by the new Sports Law, it has opted for this implementation of economic control for the survival of the First Federation”, announced the RFEF.