The revealing message of Carmen Borrego after the unpleasant audios of her daughter-in-law putting her to give birth

Carmen Borrego has been suffering for two afternoons Save me for some audios where her daughter-in-law is heard, Paola Olmedo, cut her and the whole Campos family. his son’s wife Jose Maria he makes fun of his physique and calls him “haughty”, among other unpleasant things.

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But for the youngest daughter of Maria Theresa Fields the main thing is that his son is well, because of all the commotion “he is very worried”. With a photo of both on their wedding day, Borrego has made it clear that the situation does not affect their relationship as mother and son.

“You are the love of my life and this day was one of the happiest of my life. We all make mistakes but I will always be by your side. Your happiness is mine. I love you,” wrote Carmen.

This Thursday, the sister of Have him He made it clear that he would excuse Paola just because “she is my son’s wife.” She is convinced that her daughter-in-law has fallen into the trap of one of the clients who come to the beauty center run by Paola.

The audios of Carmen Borrego’s daughter-in-law

The family mess began this Wednesday, when Save me broadcast some audios in which Paola talked about her new political family. Nothing good, of course. She affirmed that the Campos are “haughty”, Terelu “uptight”, Alejandra Rubio “a big mouth” and that “they throw shit and get paid for it”.

Paola, who is an expert in image, did not cut a hair: “My mother-in-law had a lot of double chin, but a lot. She has made a big change, but it has not turned out well either, and I do not understand it because since you get into a operating room… In the photos you can see it a lot and it’s horrible”.

Borrego recognized his daughter-in-law’s mistake and revealed that he had written to them to ask for forgiveness: “She is ashamed and has written to my whole family to apologize. I am going to apologize because she is my son’s wife and I hope that my sister and my niece keep in mind that this has nothing to do with me or my son.