The resounding message from Xenia Tostado, Rodolfo Sancho’s wife, awaiting the trial of Daniel Sancho

Daniel Sancho He remains awaiting appearance before the judge after being formally charged with premeditated murder and destruction of evidence. A situation that keeps his surroundings in tension. His father, Rodolfo Sanchois attentive to the evolution of the situation, as is his wife, Xenia Tostado, who this Sunday shared a devastating text on Instagram about “the challenges” of life.

The actress published a recording in which a man gave a lecture about the bumps that life throws in the road. “If life doesn’t give you challenges, you wouldn’t evolve. And that doesn’t just apply to humans,” is heard in the reel

When you click to see the full content, you hear the final sentence of the video: “This is how consciousness grows through facing challenges”, explains the protagonist of the video, which was published by another user.

Tostado has written a powerful sentence about these images. “You’re not alone. You are not alone. Although that is what your mind wants to make you believe,” reads his post, which reveals his philosophy of life, as well as the way in which she is facing this very delicate situation.

The video reminds the words that Rodolfo Sancho spoke the first time he visited the chef, 29 years old, in Koh Samui prison. The actor clarified to the media that that was going to be the last time he spoke with them.

“I’m not crying on the floor, that’s not me… There are two ways of taking things when they come in life. You can take it as a misfortune or as a challenge, I’ve always said it. I think that with that I have Enough said. They won’t get tears from me,” he sentenced.

The artist moved to Thailand a few days ago to visit his son in prison. The trial is scheduled for November 13after the accused requested its postponement due to the absence of an in-person Spanish interpreter.

For the moment, the Thai police have completed the investigation and delivered the summary to the judge in charge of the case, who will have to evaluate the case and determine a sentence for Daniel Sancho, confessed murderer of the surgeon. Edwin Arrieta on the Thai island of Koh Phangan.

On August 5, two days after reporting his disappearance, Daniel Sancho admitted being the author of the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian.