The reproaches of Carmen Otte's father to the bullfighter Juan Ortega: “You care more about the countryside than my daughter”

It is already an open secret: the reason why the right-hander canceled his wedding thirty minutes before “I do” was family pressures and the tense relationship between the groom and those who were going to become in-laws. Especially, with him, a well-known businessman in the area who claimed to Juan Ortega more attention for your daughter: “You care more about the field than she does.”

People close to the hard core of the Jerez soap opera affirm that the differences between Juan Ortega and the father of Carmen Otte They started a year ago but intensified in recent weeks. “This year, the father has gotten involved as if he were the third party in this relationship”they have said in TardeAR.

Ortega's work routine became a big problem: “The father believed that he gave more priority to his career than to life as a couple, because during the week Juan was in the field, she was in the hospital and they barely saw each other.” Furthermore, he believed that the bullfighter “I wasn't going to be able to give Carmen the life she deserved.”, because they did not believe that their daughter would be happy surrounded by bulls. It was then that they had a tense exchange of messages: “You don't love my daughter so much when it took you so long to ask her to marry him,” wrote the 'father-in-law'. “You have already achieved it, let us get married when you wanted and how you wanted,” replied the right-hander.

The strongest argument between them took place a month before the wedding, when Juan Ortega was summoned to fight in Ecuador with Roca Rey. His girlfriend, fearing that something might happen to her that would force the wedding to be delayed, asked him not to go, but he went ahead with the engagement and aroused the fury of her father-in-law. In the ring, Ortega suffered two “rolls” that caused him to lose two teeth: “That was a turning point, there he realized that what he wants is to be a bullfighter and that he will not be happy if he ties himself to a life in Seville.”