The reprehensible gesture of Jota Peleteiro with Lara Dibildos the day she buries her mother: she names her ex-boyfriend to attack Jessica Bueno

Jota Peleteiro He has declared war on his ex-wife this Sunday with a devastating message published on his social networks, with which he has implied that jessica bueno y paul marquis they are together. This is “the Dibildos” that the former footballer was referring to in his harsh message, which he has already withdrawn from the networks. Marqués was the actress’s boyfriend Lara Dibildos in 2016, and she has been immersed in this gruesome story precisely the weekend that she has buried her mother, the beloved and admired presenter Laura Valenzuela. A bad detail from Peleteiro that he wanted to amend, albeit late.

The former soccer player and his partner, Miriam RuizThey have deleted from their Instagram accounts their publications attacking the model, where they shared an image of her in a restaurant with Lara Dibildos’s ex, Pablo Marqués.

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The relationship between the actress and the businessman took place between 2016 and 2017, it did not last even a year, but even so, Lara and Pablo posed together on several occasions before the cameras at different events they attended. Their relationship ended. As Lara stated on her day, “we have broken up. We have had a crisis and we have not been able to overcome it”, as she remembers Lectures.

Pablo Marqués is an entrepreneur, and it can be seen from his instagram that he shares the modeling profession with Jessica. When he was with Lara Dibildos he had a suit company in Miami, where he came to reside. He likes to travel, as seen in their shared images and yes, Jessica and he follow each other, although the model has not said anything in relation to Pablo and the attacks that his ex-husband and her new girlfriend have made on him.

A bad detail from Peletiro

Peleteiro has covered himself in glory. In addition to revealing the identity of Jessica’s new illusion, he did so on Father’s Day, when he was with his children, and focusing on Lara Dibildos, just the day she buried her mother, Laura Valenzuela.

The Galician soccer player lashed out at the mother of his children with a message in which, in addition to calling Jessica “maintained”, he hinted that he has redone his love life with the model and businessman, and would have done so sooner than we all believed : “How was the phrase, time puts everything in its place? Well, yes. Since Divildos has an eye, it doesn’t fail. Now I’m going to have to keep two palanquins.”

Hours later, it was his girlfriend, Miriam Ruiz, with whom it is said that he began his relationship last August, when he was still married to the Sevillian, who attacked Jota’s ex, sharing a few words, also on Instagram. addressed to the model: “The wolf will always be bad if we only listen to Little Red Riding Hood”.

Two messages that have sparked a stir and for which both Peleteiro and Miriam seem to regret it, since despite the fact that 24 hours have not yet elapsed since their publication, the time that the stories remain on the profile before being deleted, both They have disappeared before their time. In other words, the former soccer player and his girlfriend have taken a step back and have deleted their harsh attacks on Jessica from their respective Instagram accounts.

Meanwhile, the Sevillian is silent and has not commented on the message in which Jota has revealed that he has a relationship with Pablo Marqués and has called it “maintained”. As if things were not with her, she has continued to share beautiful postcards of her getaway to Mundaka on her social networks, completely apart from the devastating accusations of her ex-husband, with whom she seems to have declared war even though hours later she repented and have removed them.