The renovation of Guillamón inaugurates a new stage without a sports director

He Valencia made public this Wednesday the renewal of the young central Hugo Guillamón for the next three seasons, the first sports move by a club that seems after the resignation of Cesar Sánchez at the moment, it will not have a maximum responsible for the sports plot.

As explained by the entity, the contract signed by the 20-year-old defender and the club president Anil Murthy includes a termination clause of 80 million euros.

The decision to renew it and not let it go or to make a contract for three years and not one or five, with that clause and not a minor or major will not have “maximum responsibility” sport.

Since the departure of Sanchez and from what it seems throughout the summer, there will not be a sports director in the entity, in which Miguel Ángel Corona, assistant to the resigned exporter, and Jorge López, have been in charge of the technical secretariat.

From that department a report has been issued with the possible trainers for the next campaign but the final decision will be the owner Peter Lim. What is not clear is, once the new coach arrives, who has the last word to decide on entries and exits this summer or, as in this case, renovations.