The relationship between Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne is dying but still alive

Olga Moreno y Agustín Etienne They are not going through their best moment. They are said to have broken up. But what they tell Informalia is that they have had a strong discussion, although it is not a definitive breakup. However, this has been taken advantage of so that, in an interested manner, a series of people have mobilized to convey to the media the version that they have broken up. We are not saying that this crisis cannot end in a definitive breakup, but that what we have right now is a fight and 600 kilometers away to solve it, since she is in Malaga and he is in Madrid.

But, as we say, there are a series of people who have insisted on telling journalists that this is a breakup and that Antonio David and Olga see each other with some regularity, in addition to wanting to show that Olga has not been comfortable with him for a long time. Agustín because he doesn’t behave well with her. The curious thing is who is behind this information that plays into Antonio David’s hands.

As we have reported, what they tell us is that everything indicates that Antonio David is behind the photographs that appeared of him with Olga in a magazine like those that have now been made public on social networks. According to what they tell Informalia, Antonio David wants to dynamit Agustín and Olga’s relationship. But he does not want to spread certain information among journalists because he would end up knowing. To achieve this there are another series of people who are doing it for him. It is people close to him who are moving this information in the newsrooms. He is once again using third parties for his interests without him being seen.

But what is really striking is who is one of those people who are providing information to journalists about all this. Well, neither more nor less than Marta I can, Antonio David’s ex. The one who was Ana Rosa’s pupil is incomprehensibly dedicating herself to screwing up the relationship between Olga and Agustín, playing into the hands of her former partner and whom she came to point out as a psychopath. It is as if they have teamed up for the cause. In fact, she herself has written in the account in which the breakup between Olga and Agustín was discussed: “Money, money, money”, implying that soon Agus and the Sevillian would make her personal situation profitable. Let’s say she is still “hooked” on the story that she started more than two years ago with the former civil guard and that she has ended her work and many of her personal relationships.