The reconstruction of the crime of Edwin Arrieta: Daniel Sancho, collapsed in front of the refrigerator where he put the body

Hours after Rodolfo Sancho spoke from Thailand, new images of his son have come to light Daniel in his statement to the Thai authorities. This is the second part of the reconstruction of the crime.

In this statement, as we collected, the grandson of Sancho Gracia was amazingly calm while explaining in detail how he committed the alleged murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta in a hotel room on Koh Phagan.

From the bed area, he explained: “I grabbed his head with both hands and threw him against the wall. He hit himself and in a few minutes a lot of blood began to come out. The entire floor full of blood,” he confessed. He also explained how the dismemberment began from the bathroom shower.

This Wednesday, the Sonsoles Ónega program on Antena 3 has broadcast the second part of these images, in which Daniel collapses after reaching the refrigerator where he allegedly put the parts of the corpse. “He was there,” he said collapsingly as he pointed at the device. Then, sitting on a chair, he turned to the table and put his hands to his head, while some Thai police officers said: “Let’s let him rest” and “Let’s not pressure him.” Seconds later he got up and told the authorities: “That’s all.”

He got up and also explained what he did with the body parts: “I did the same thing several times. I went to the sea and came back, I went to the sea and came back.”

Edwin Arrieta died last Wednesday August 2 in a Koh Phangan hotel. Presumably at the hands of the 29-year-old chef, who confessed to his murder and dismemberment. The date on which the trial will take place is not yet known. His mother, Silvia Bronchalo, arrived in Thailand a few weeks ago, while his father, the actor from The Ministry of Timeset course for the Asian country this weekend.