The reconciliation pass

White flag, the conflict between Benzema and Vinicius is over. Although the Frenchman unleashed a storm last Tuesday by pointing out his teammate by telling Mendy, in a Téléfoot exclusive, “don't pass it on, play against us,” the match against Huesca was another story. French and Brazilian did not stop looking for each other, associating and supporting each other, showing that the disagreement is a thing of the past and that there are no rough spots. The odometer of their relationship has been reset and they have decided to start over.


Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Vinicius took to the field at game time and, as soon as he stepped onto the pitch, he already gave a pass to his forward. It would be the first of many: a total of seven balls were passed in the 30 minutes of play they shared on the pitch. Four were passes from Vini to Karim and three, on the contrary. It was not only a question of numbers, but also of attitude. Benzema turned to the left wing most of the time he received the ball and Vinicius, used to facing and shooting, was looking more than ever at the area to find a cross.


A reflection of this is that they were about to sign one of the goals of the day. In the 62nd minute, the winger, in one of his characteristic actions, ran the left wing at full speed to leave two rivals behind and serve a high ball to the heart of the area. He entered with all Benzema, finished in a choppy way … And the leather went slightly over the crossbar. The 9As soon as he failed, he turned to his partner to thank him for the pass he had given him. Everyone at Di Stéfano knew it was about to happen; that that much would have gone around the world.

The image of concord

Benzema, shortly after the final whistle, uploaded to his Instagram profile a photograph high-fiving him twenty and a meteorite next to his name. The gesture is the public staging of the affection they have for each other, pristine despite the swell of recent weeks.

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Buried axes

Throughout the week the wound has healed. The first step was taken by Benzema who, as this newspaper announced, approached Vinicius in the dressing room to give him all the necessary explanations and provide a point of tranquility. Days later, Zidane also put some ointment on, saying at a press conference that: “I have also said things like that in a field and they have said them to me. They both spoke and it is clear.” The duel against Huesca was the confirmation that everything is fine. There are no tomahawks left because they are all buried. In Valdebebas concord reigns again.