The reason why this Christmas will be more fun for Tamara Falcó than for Íñigo Onieva: the marchioness's plans

Inigo Onieva y Tamara Falco They will spend their first Christmas this year as husband and wife. And, as a 'new' couple, they have had to face a decision that has unleashed tensions between them: celebrating these holidays with the Preyslers. The marchioness herself acknowledged a few days ago that her Christmas agenda was the reason for an argument that she ultimately won. About to end another year, this is what is known about their plans for the next few weeks.

Shortly after moving into his luxury penthouse, Falcó revealed the first details of the Christmas vacation. “We argue about a lot of things, like where we are going to spend the holidays. I say that we spend it with my family and Íñigo says no, one year with mine and another with his,” explained the daughter of Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó a few days ago. And the fact is that, instead of dividing the days key to being with both clans, both December 24 and 31 will be spent with the marchioness's family. With the businessman's entourage, as she clarified, they will get together at another time.

“We will spend two days with my family. Next year she will play with the Onieva”, she stated. And for the winner of MasterChef Celebrity It would have been painful not to be close to his hard core: his mother and his sister: “His family is now my family too, but it seems illogical to me not to have my mother and my sisters on Christmas Eve.” Thus, in a few days they will travel with Isabel Preysler to Miami to spend the holidays between Chábeli's house and Enrique Iglesias' house.

The socialite did not delve into the reasons for her decisionalthough the truth is that these holidays come at a very sweet time for the Preyslers, who will get together to celebrate all the changes they are experiencing both professionally and personally.

After the wedding between Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva last summer -and their very long honeymoon-, The family applauds the premiere of the Queen of Hearts documentary, My Christmason Disney +. Also Ana Boyer's third pregnancy with Fernando Verdasco. The businesswoman, who has already passed the first quarter, is preparing for the premiere of Bake Off Spaina baking contest that will land soon on TVE.

The silence of Íñigo Onieva and his family

It is unknown how Onieva and her family made this decision, although it is worth remembering that at this time the businessman He has had to gain his wife's trust after being unfaithful to her last year. In fact, Onieva is still haunted by rumors of infidelity. A few days ago the influencer Carolina Moura remembered the messages that he had sent her on Instagram when he was already dating the marchioness.

For this reason, Falcó herself is aware that, despite the good news, this year has had difficult moments. “Here's to this year that has been full of lights and shadows, but ends with a great light,” he said at the end of last November at the cocktail party organized by Moet & Chandon. “It is a very special date, very, very special for Íñigo and me. Faith is something we share, our reconciliation was going to Midnight Mass and we will repeat it this year.”

For the moment, the Marchioness asks for a baby in 2024: “I pray all the time and if it has to be, it will be and if not, the truth is that I am happily married, right now living a super beautiful moment. Whatever God wants.” . And she adds: “My mother would love for us to start a family. But hey, that's what we're all about promoting marriage.” Who knows if next Christmas the couple will celebrate their debut as mothers at the Onieva home. We will have to wait.