The reason why Kiko Hernández has blocked Laura Fa: “She had some humorous comment…”

Laura Fa has revealed that Kiko Hernandez He has put distance between them. The journalist criticized the gifts that the former collaborator of Save me gave at her wedding with Fran Antón and, since then, she can no longer see the stories that her former partner shares on Instagram.

The talk show host told it this Tuesday on Antena 3. “They have restricted my stories and I can’t see anything,” she said. “They gave some rather cheesy gifts… It’s Kiko Hernández. I laughed, but as if he had laughed at that fan…” she also explained.

It should be remembered that after the wedding, held on September 16, Fa called Hernández “stingy” for handing out gifts “with the Bingo Las Vegas seal.” The newlyweds gave a fan, which also had their initials and the date of the marriage engraved, with a black candle with the same engravings in gold. The gifts were distributed during the banquet, but moments before the guests also found themselves in the hotel rooms with “merchandising from the Melilla government” for them, including a straw hat with the Spanish flag.

“I’m not going to call Kiko, because I’m too lazy… A fan and a black candle with advertising for an entertainment room… At that wedding I gave more money than many people who were invited,” concluded Fa, who , if everything continues as before, you will still not be able to see the publications of the future face of Netflix on Instagram.

In recent days, the presenter has dedicated himself to sharing photographs of the good times he is experiencing with his husband. Among them, an express trip to Melilla and another to Santorini. Until this Tuesday it was believed that the couple was enjoying their honeymoon, but Hernández has taken it upon himself to deny it: her stay in Greece has only been “a long weekend.”