The reason why Jorge Javier Vázquez considers changing his will for the third time

Jorge Javier Vázquez does not rule out changing his will for the third time. This is what he confessed to Pilar Vidal in the latest installment of the podcast, Drama Queen, available this Thursday. The Telecinco presenter, who is sweeping the Fuencarral network thanks to the audiences of Survivors and the new programs that have been commissioned for her, she remembered her ex-boyfriend and revealed why she wouldn’t mind getting into bureaucratic procedures again.

I made the will once and then I changed it another time, because of course, Paco was not in my life. “When you make your will you are left with a feeling of tranquility,” he explained to his former partner in the extinct Save meto which, incidentally, he also spoke about his vision on romantic relationships.

Having to do everything together and live with your partner seems like a mistake to me.. How many relationships have we ruined by putting the accelerator on and not protecting them? Now I wish I had taken a little distance. “I think I’m more and more prepared to have a partner like that,” she said.

However, the one from Badalona hopes to fall in love again, although he feels that it is increasingly difficult to create a stable bond with someone. “What happens to me is that they have been watching me on television very continuously for 20 years and people my age and a little younger, I think they have already seen me very well,” she said.

In this sense, he added: “Note that Save me It lasted almost 15 years, and I have thought about it a lot.. I meet very young people who have seen me, and for them I think that in their heads I must be about 83 years old,” he noted, acknowledging that his time trying his luck on dating apps is over.

I have had Tinder, the Tinder Gold that is paid. Plus, I paid for Grinder and Scruffwhich are also paid, but they haven’t gone well for me,” he was honest with Vidal. For him, these spaces were not serious: “I went on Grindr, and they asked me about Belén Esteban or who was going to win Survivors. Man, no, here we come for what we come for.”