The reality about Shakira and Rafael Arcaute: nothing about a new love, but a rapprochement with Piqué

A few days ago the international press commented that between Shakira and the producer Rafael Arcaute There was something more than a friendship. However, the singer is not interested right now in finding love, but in enjoying her children and the good health of her father, who has already recovered after being hospitalized. And that's not all, since, as we reported a little over a month ago in the scoop and now confirmed by some media, the Colombian artist has improved her relationship with Gerard Piqué.

Despite having been linked to Arcaute, as well as other well-known personalities, such as the actor Tom Cruise or the pilot Lewis Hamilton, the interpreter is still single. This was reported this Tuesday on Antena 3 by Lorena Vázquez, who, after contacting the singer's entourage, confirmed that she is not in love with the Argentine.

“I don't know if she finds it too funny to be related to the music producer, because he is a person she has known for a long time and with whom she is professionally linked,” she commented. And she added: “Right now she is enjoying being a single woman and that her priority is her parents and her children. We do not believe in all the names that come to us, because “Right now he doesn't feel like having a new romantic relationship at all.”

Shakira and Piqué talk on the phone

“You cannot talk about a romantic relationship nor can you talk about a boyfriend,” noted the journalist, who has spoken of a good relationship between her and her ex-husband after a long time. “Things are calmer and it seems that she has realized that perhaps we have to leave aside the lawyers and that speaking people understand each other,” he noted.

This data comes several weeks after Informalia confirmed that there is no longer so much distance between the singer and the footballer. The attitude of both is one of harmony, bury the hatchet and understand each other. The best way possible. After the summer there was an important change in the deal they had until now.

“Now they talk among themselves, it wasn't like that until now. Always turning to lawyers to set the day they traveled with dad or stayed in Miami with mom was crazy. They come to an agreement among themselves or with their families and deal with these details with a certain calmness,” they assured this medium from the family environment of the former Barcelona FC player.

Milan and Sasha's vacation

The singer and the former soccer player decide together issues related to the school situation of little Milan and Sasha, who have been living in Miami with their mother for months. “They decide how to divide the school holidays,” Vázquez pointed out, revealing where the children will be this Christmas.

As they have agreed, the minors will spend New Year's Eve with their father, as well as Twelfth Night. After, They will return to Miami with their mother, where they will resume classes after the Christmas holidays.